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A Bit About Us

Since our formation in 1985, we have connected exceptional talent with some amazing organisations across the world of science. Helping individuals kick start and grow their careers while supporting both small businesses and some of the largest find the people they need to succeed.


We specialise in commercial functions from graduate to CEO; sales, marketing, applications, and support for the Life Science market across the UK and most European countries.


We focus on building a strong relationship and understanding with both client and candidate to ensure we get it right.

Our Service to Candidates

Recruiting for commercial roles in science, particularly life science, analytical chemistry and clinical research. We offer a unique service that combines the best of contingency and executive search to suit specific clients’ needs. This means that we are often able to find positions more quickly than our competitors at the same time offering vacancies that will closely match your requirements.

Our friendly consultants are graduate/postgraduate scientists. They will listen to you, understand your requirements and work hard to find the opportunity you have been looking for. You will be fully prepared before any interview and help is available with negotiating your resignation when you have a job offer.

Rest assured that all your information stays absolutely confidential, we will only pass on your CV to our clients as part of an application that we will have spoken to you in detail about in advance, you will know who the client is and what to expect in return.

Our Service to Employers

We offer contingency and retained recruitment models depending on what the search requires, this will be agreed upon in advance when agreeing on terms. All of our searches will include as standard; a direct search of the market to ‘headhunt’ unique talent, a search of our own database of prequalified candidates, advertisement of the vacancy across multiple sector-specific and market-leading job boards as well as our own website.

We will take the time to discuss the vacancy requirements in detail, both the hard and soft skills needed to ensure candidates do not just fit the requirements but will be successful within the role. All candidates submitted will have been telephone screened by one or more of our trained consultants and will be made aware of any position they are being considered for in advance of submission.

Your consultant will continue to support you throughout the full process, arranging interviews, providing feedback, presenting offers, and addressing counteroffers. In addition to aiding with the recruitment process, our experienced consultants will also be able to offer insights into market trends and salary levels.

Frequently Asked Questions


What will it cost?

Our service to candidates is completely free as the cost of recruitment is covered by the hiring company.

Can you guarantee you will find me a job?

Unfortunately not, but our consultants will be completely honest with you and are trained to identify opportunities to give you the best chance of finding your next career step.

How long will it take?

This depends on a lot of factors including the type of vacancy you are looking for, your experience, and how the market is performing. The best way to speed up your search is to work closely with your consultant.

Will my current employer know?

No. Our service is completely confidential, we will only share your CV with companies we have discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What will it cost?

Under a contingency model, you will have no upfront cost, the final fee will be based on a percentage of the successful candidate’s base salary and any guaranteed income. To discuss terms please contact your consultant.

Can you guarantee to find my next hire?

Unfortunately no, while our highly trained consultants will do their utmost to find you that perfect candidate, it is not always possible. To help us help you our consultants will take an in detailed job order from you and will offer advice throughout the process, in return we advise you to provide detailed feedback of candidates submitted so we can greater refine our search.

How long will it take?

This depends on a lot of factors including your particular requirements and how the market is performing. The best way to speed up your search is to work closely with your consultant.

How do you qualify candidates?

Any candidate submitted to you will have been fully screened by our trained consultants, including a full telephone interview, the candidate will be fully aware of the role and companies they are being considered for and by. We will have a full understanding of the candidate’s requirements and upon instruction, we can source right-to-work documents and undertake reference checks.

Looking to join Seltek?

We are always looking to grow the team at Seltek and for new people to share in our success. If you are a Life Science, Chemistry, or Physics graduate and enjoy a challenge, this could be the career for you. Whether you are an experienced recruitment consultant or new to the industry and would like to learn more, email us at or call 01279 657 716.


We offer:


  • Full training with our adaptive in-house training program
  • Competitive base salary
  • Uncapped commission plans and activity bonuses
  • Wellness allowance
  • Ongoing support to help you succeed
  • Progression, build and lead a team

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